Visualization nodes render plots of data subsets. The rendered visualizations are embedded in-situ in the visualization nodes by default.

Interactive Data Selection

All VisFlow visualizations support interactive data selection. Selection can directly be made in the plot area of the visualizations. The selected data items are transmitted via the Selection Port of the visualization nodes.

Interactive selection can be performed in a drag-and-draw manner. A visualization node may display a rectangular selection box or a lasso stroke when a selection is in progress. Interactive selection may prevent the node from being dragged and repositioned. In case node moving is desired, hold the key to temporarily disable interactive selection. Alternatively, toggle the drag mode by pressing the drag mode button

at the top-right of the navbar. When the drag mode is active, all data selections in visualizations are disabled.

If a visualization allows navigation, such as in a Map

or Network
, interactive selection cannot be performed when navigation mode is active. Turn off Navigation before making a data selection.

Data Forwarding

Each visualization node also has a data forwarding Output Port that forwards all its input data. This is for the convenience for successor nodes in the dataflow to retrieve data.

Visualization Types

VisFlow currently supports the following visualizations: