A Histogram

renders the distribution of data items on one selected column. The histogram counts each distinct value in the selected column. It displays one bar for each distinct categorical value, or one bar for a range of continuous values.



A histogram showing the mpg distribution of the cars: The bars in the histogram are color encoded by the origin countries of the cars and shown as stacked bars.


Selection in the histogram is performed on the stacked bars. Groups of data items with exactly the same visual properties are selected together.

Visual Properties

Type Effect
color Fill color of the bar
border Border color of the bar
size Not supported
width Width of the bar border
opacity Opacity of the bar



Configures the column for which the distribution is shown for.

Number of Bins

Configures the approximate number of bins to create. The chart may choose a number close to the given value that has the best readability.

Maximum Count

Sets the maximum count value on the Y-axis.

Use Dataset Range

Sets the X-axis domain to always equal to the value ranges of the entire dataset, rather than the value ranges of the subset received by the histogram.