A Map

renders a set of geographical points on a map display. Each data item is presented as a circle on the map. The Latitude Column and the Longitude Column define the geographical coordinates of the data items.



A map showing the speed sign locations in Manhattan area of New York City. The speed signs are color encoded by the speed limit. Red color indicates lower speed limit, while green color indicates faster speed limit. The circles are drawn with 0.5 opacity to reflect speed sign density.


Drag and draw a rectangular box on the map to select the data items inside the box when the map is not in the Navigation mode.

Visual Properties

Type Effect
color Fill color of the circle
border Border color of the circle
size Diameter of the circle
width Width of the circle border
opacity Opacity of the circle


Latitude Column

Configures the column to use as the latitude coordinate.

Longitude Column

Configures the column to use as the longitude coordinate.

When navigation is on, dragging in the map area performs zooming and panning. When navigation is off, dragging in the map area makes a rectangular selection.